Studio Closed 3/20/2020 due to Coronavirus concerns    

The studio is closed as of 6pm Friday, March 20th. This comes at the direction of and follows consultation with the Alaska Dept. of Health and Social Services and Dept. of Emergency Operations. The earliest reopening is April 2nd, but will likely be later. We will reopen as soon as allowed by authorities. The store and office will be open Saturday March 21st, 9am-4pm.

We will be continuing to add videos of each class number to our website so students can practice at home. We will post updates on our phone answering machine (452-5678), on our Facebook page (Mo Holland Dance Studio) and on our website (mohollanddance)

We are sorry for any inconvenience.
Mo says “Keep Dancing! and we will see you soon.”


Dads and Daughters 2020 

Dads that are interested in the Dads and Daughter dance we are canceling classes, so this means that there will be no Dads and Daughter classes. It would be awesome to hear from all the dads that are interested so that we could have a headcount. We will be posting a video of the dance so you can practice at home until the studio opens.

Contact us: Phone, Facebook, email


Registration for Spring 2020 is open.

We are located at 914 College Rd., Fairbanks, Alaska

Instructors & Philosophy

At Mo Holland Dance Studio, Maureen (Mo) Holland is the main dance instructor. Occasionally, she has student instructors, or co-instructors teach classes alongside her. In her busier classes, she also has apprentices who lend aid to helping the students learn. To learn more about Mo Holland, please visit her resume page.

The Mo Holland Dance Studio believes in a philosophy of teaching dance wherein the students are encouraged to enjoy their class as well as learn new steps and techniques. They are instructed to appreciate all forms and styles of dance.

Important Belief of Mo Holland Dance Studio

The studio would like to add that we support and believe in the following statement:

“There has been a trend for students to take classes beyond their technical level as a matter of convenience or as a status symbol. Vital to the progress of each student – advanced, intermediate, or beginner – is a clear recognition of the standards and grade levels of each class. For a student to push into a class beyond his or her ability is a disrespect to the instructor and other students, and above all, a roadblock to the sought-after progress of the student.”