Phase 3/4 Update (Posted 5/26/2020)  

Classes restarted on Saturday, May 16, both in-person and on Zoom

Hello. We hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and be smart out there. Thank you so much to all of our students, parents and helpers for your patience during this challenging time. Mo Holland Dance Studio restarted dance class instruction on Saturday, May 16 with a number of changes in light of the pandemic. Spoiler alert: things are different than before. There is certainly a learning curve and some learning opportunities (aka mistakes) along the way, but please be patient with us. 

We plan on continuing classes thru July 3rd, then have a performance/recital at the Borealis Pavilion at the Fairgrounds on July 10th and 11th. Details will be posted as they develop.

Our greatest concern always has been and always will be the health and safety of our students, parents and employees. Mo has taught dance in Fairbanks for more than 40 years in a certain way and isn’t a big fan of unplanned change, so she has been having to adapt as much as her students and their parents have. 

First of all, we know that some do not feel comfortable taking class in person at this time, so each regular in-person class will continue to be available on Zoom. We are not the most high tech place, but we have some great helpers that know what they are doing as far as Zoom goes and we are learning fast. Meeting IDs and passwords have been issued via email to access Zoom classes. Please let us know if you have not received these.

To summarize the most important changes we have instituted based on government guidelines.:

  1. Each student will be maintaining a 6 foot distance from their classmates during class. 
  2. In some  of the advanced classes, 10 foot spacing will be used when vigorous and sustained exertion is required.
  3. There will be well marked indicators on the floor showing where to stand. Preschool students will stay inside a hula hoop for most of the class.
  4. Each student will be screened before class for symptoms of Covid-19. No one with Covid-19 symptoms will be allowed to dance. 
  5. Each student should arrive dressed ready to dance. We have a fan drawing in outside air to improve ventilation, so classes taken earlier in the day or on cooler days may be a bit chilly and students should dress accordingly.
  6. Space limitations in the waiting room will limit the number of parents allowed in to observe class, since they will need to maintain a 6 foot distance from others. Parents will be screened and are encouraged to wear masks in the building. Loaner masks are available.
  7. The Alaska state government plan encourages students to wear masks, but does not require it. We encourage all of our students and any parents that enter the building to wear masks. Loaner masks are available.
  8. Our teachers and apprentices (class helpers) will wear masks and will all be screened for Covid-19 symptoms daily. Loaner masks are available.
  9. We have hand sanitizer available as well as old fashioned soap and water in the restrooms.
  10. We will be doing enhanced cleaning procedures such as cleaning common touch points in the store, studio, changing rooms and restrooms hourly when classes are being taught, with weekly deeper cleanings.

We look forward to continuing teaching dance classes and seeing you all again at some point. Stay tuned. Updates will be posted to our Facebook page, the Mo Holland Dance Studio website and on our phone answering machine. Please be aware that all of this is subject to change at any time due to the fact that this is an unprecedented situation in our lifetimes.



We are located at 914 College Rd., Fairbanks, Alaska

Instructors & Philosophy

At Mo Holland Dance Studio, Maureen (Mo) Holland is the main dance instructor. Occasionally, she has student instructors, or co-instructors teach classes alongside her. In her busier classes, she also has apprentices who lend aid to helping the students learn. To learn more about Mo Holland, please visit her resume page.

The Mo Holland Dance Studio believes in a philosophy of teaching dance wherein the students are encouraged to enjoy their class as well as learn new steps and techniques. They are instructed to appreciate all forms and styles of dance.

Important Belief of Mo Holland Dance Studio

The studio would like to add that we support and believe in the following statement:

“There has been a trend for students to take classes beyond their technical level as a matter of convenience or as a status symbol. Vital to the progress of each student – advanced, intermediate, or beginner – is a clear recognition of the standards and grade levels of each class. For a student to push into a class beyond his or her ability is a disrespect to the instructor and other students, and above all, a roadblock to the sought-after progress of the student.”