Mo Holland Dance Studio

Teachers, Assistants, & Philosophy

Teaching Approach & Instruction

Ballet classes reflect Mo’s Royal Academy of Dance training and their approach to ballet instruction. Tap classes include basic terminology and classical tap styles as well as “hoofing” (early American street performing). Jazz classes consist of both older classic techniques and the newer, more trendy hip-hop.

All dance classes begin with a warm up and short combinations at center with strengthening and stretching exercises. Students perform across the floor with a cumulative combination every week.

Continuing Education for Instructors

Mo has continued to educate herself from many different teachers and instructors and has utilized the ideas they have taught her and combined them in order to make, what she feels, is an educational and enjoyable experience for students of all ages.

Mo personally travels to Los Angeles, California every summer to participate in dance classes and sessions to bring back new ideas and styles so she can help utilize as many different styles and techniques to her students.

Goals & Evaluation

The goal of Mo Holland Dance studio is to acquire the necessary terminology, background, context and knowledge, along with the ability to demonstrate experience-appropriate dance steps, techniques and assigned choreographed dances after the end of her classes.

In order to evaluate how the classes effectiveness, there are opportunities to evaluate through interactive ongoing performance observation, review, and evaluation done by the instructor of the classes.