Studio Rules and Attire

Class Rules

The following are rules which are expected of students during class

  • Do not leave the room without permission of instructor
  • Go to the bathroom before or after class (or when changing shoes)
  • No whining
  • Mirrors are for looking at position during class, not for touching or primping
  • No hanging on ballet bars
  • No gum
  • No jewelry (excludes recently pierced studs which can’t be taken out)
  • No running
  • No tumbling (cartwheels, handstands, etc.) except on the mats
  • Keeps hands to yourself, unless holding hands or otherwise instructed
  • Tap shoes are not for stomping and must be quiet when instructor is talkin


  • Hair is to be up and/or out of the face. Hair tends to get in the way of the student seeing, especially when spotting during turns.
  • No Jewelry (exception of wedding rings and in cases where ear studs cannot come out due to healing). This is for safety as well as practice for the recital, where no jewelry is worn.
  • No Jeans or baggy clothing, anything that will constrict movement or could be tripped on during dance. The instructor must be able to see and correct form and the dancer must be able to move well.


  • All dancers need their own shoes. Borrowing from time to time is okay, in case of forgetting shoes or other circumstances.
  • Ballet and Tap: Pink ballet shoes for girls, black ballet shoes for boys, and black tap shoes for both are recommended as this is what the recital will require.
  • Jazz: Black soft or hard soled jazz shoes.
  • Hip Hop: CLEAN sneakers or jazz shoes. Please make sure not to track rocks and dirt into the class studio.
  • Contemporary: Footundeez are the recommended shoe.