Dads and Daughters Dance Information

What is the “Dads and Daughters Dance”?

Each year, we invite dads of students to learn a choreographed dance (fun and easy!) for the recital. The dads will dance on stage for the first part of the dance and then have their daughters join them for the second part.

When is practice?

Practice begins Saturday, March 23rd 3:30 to 4:00 pm.

Practice continues every Saturday until May 25th (the end of the semester).

The dad’s will also be included in three Sunday rehearsals (April 28th, May 5th, and May 19th). More information will be given later.

Who needs to be at practice?

This year we will have the daughters only come to EVERY OTHER practice.

Dads + Daughters                                                               JUST Dads

March 23rd (first practice)                                              March 30th

April 6th                                                                              April 13th

April 20th                                                                           April 27th

May 4th                                                                               May 11th

May 18th                                                                             May 25th