Recital Update – 6/9/2020 

The 2020 Mo Holland Dance Studio Recital will be very different than any of the previous 27 recitals we have held. It will be held on Friday, July 10th 5:30-8:30pm and Saturday, July 11th  2-8:30pm (with a meal break Saturday from 5-6pm) at the Tanana Valley Fairgrounds in the Borealis Pavillion (the huge blue and white building visible from College road). Each class will dance either on Friday or Saturday, not both days. See below for a class-by-class listing of which day for each class. There is great ventilation and plenty of space for social distancing. The dance surface will be cement. Best place to park is near the Blue Gate entrance.

Costumes will be handed out starting Saturday, June 20th, both to students dancing in the recital and those not participating.  There may be a delay in handing out costumes  for a couple of classes whose costumes have not arrived yet due to Covid-19 related manufacturing delays. It is possible that some of those delayed costumes will not arrive in time and replacement costumes may need to be provided by us.

The recital format will be different than usual. Each class will perform their dance twice after they are set on stage, once as a rehearsal and then right after that as a recital number. Dancers will be socially distanced (6 feet) as much as possible. We are allowing 15 minutes for each number to get staged, do a rehearsal run through, then a recital performance and clear the stage. We will clear the audience between numbers also so that family/friends for each class can have the best possible view of their dancer(s).

  • There will be no admission fee or tickets sold. 
  • Spectators will be socially distanced except for family units and close friends. 
  • Masks are encouraged, but not required.
  • Restrooms and changing facilities will be available.
  • If you would like to reserve a rose for your dancer from the person who for many years has done flowers at our recitals, please call or text 978-4494.
  • Photos will be available from our usual photographer,  Class photos may be limited due to social distancing issues.

We will update our website and Facebook page as details firm up. All details are subject to change. 

2020 Mo Holland Dance Studio Recital

*This is NOT the final order of the show. Dances will be on the same day as listed below, but not in the order listed. We will be sending out a show order soon*

5:30pm Friday, July 10th

Tuesday 6:45 – North

Tuesday 6:45 – So Close

Tuesday 7:45 & Thursday 6:45 – Papaoutai

Wednesday 7:00 – Aurora

Tuesday 7:45 – Adv MGM

Tuesday 6:45 – Adv CATS

Friday 4:00 – Shark Remix

Tuesday 4:45 – Switch

Tuesday 4:45 –  Mi Gente

Tuesday 5:45 – High Hopes

Friday 5:00 – Friend Like Me

End Approximately 8:30pm


2:00pm Saturday, July 11th

Tuesday 11:00 – Thumbelina

Saturday 9:00 – Thumbelina

Wednesday 1:30 – Boogie Woogie Piggy

Saturday 11:45 – Boogie Woogie Piggy

Tuesday 3:45 & Saturday 2:30 – Feather Dusters

Wednesday 4:00 – We are Siamese

Wednesday 5:00 – Contemporary

Wednesday 6:00 – Godspeed

Thursday 3:45 – Hercules

Thursday 4:45 – Gold Boi

Thursday 5:45 – Skeletons

Thursday 7:45 – Someone You Loved

Saturday 9:45 – Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

Saturday 10:45 – Old Town Road Remix

Saturday 12:30 – Pirates

Saturday 1:30 – Sucker

Saturday 1:30 – Tapping Typewriters

Thursday 5:45 – Teen MGM

Thursday 4:45 – Teen CATS

Thursday 6:45 – Level III MGM

Thursday 7:45 – Level III CATS

Saturday 3:30 – Dads and Daughters

End Approximately 8:30pm

*On Saturday there will be a one hour break 5:00-6:00pm*

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